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Wait For Me 1 - Cover.jpg

Wait for Me - Book One

Master Sergeant Jeff “Mackey” MacNamara has been waiting for THE ONE for years. First it wasn’t too safe to find a partner and now his schedule is a nightmare with training soldiers and deployments.

Scott Ash has found where he always was meant to be after a brief bout of idealistic do-gooder after college. He loves his job as a child care director, if he could just find someone to love – perfect might cover it.

A chance meeting when Scott is doing a favor for a friend starts them on a journey that could take them to forever, it’s just a matter of waiting.

Explore With Me 2 - Cover.jpg

Explore With Me - Book Two

The Army is the only thing that First Sergeant Danny Glenn has known in his adult life. From the age of nineteen on, he’s worn a uniform every day. He’s seen so much in his twenty years but the last deployment did something to him. Danny’s begun to wonder if he can’t do more good helping people in the US instead of other countries but to do that he’d have to get out.

Doctor Liam MacNamara is finishing up the last of his residency in Emergency Medicine. Now’s the tough part, which offer to accept. He could stay in New Orleans where shifts are never dull or choose to uproot and experience somewhere different. College followed by medical school and then residency are the only things he’s known since he was eighteen. There’s got to be more out there, right?

Can a retired first sergeant and a brand-new doctor balance each other enough to explore their options together?

Learn With Me 3 - Cover.jpg

Learn With Me - Book three

Josiah "Siah" Kent has always loved learning; now he's living his dream of teaching children to love it too. After getting his degrees in New Orleans, he accepted a teaching position outside of Washington DC. What a better place to be able to teach and continue learning?

2019 Lambda Literary Award Finalist!
Sergeant Carter May joined the Army right out of high school. He's always struggled to succeed in school but has found a place in the military but has dreamed of getting a college degree--he'd be the first in his family if he did. Being stationed with the Presidential Firing Battery at Arlington National Cemetery will give him the opportunity to take the chance, but will he risk failing?

A chance meeting years ago in New Orleans, had sparks flying between Siah and Carter. Another chance encounter between the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, blow those sparks into a full flame. Can Siah and Carter find some common ground to learn more about each other and a possible future together?

Challenge Me 4 - Cover.jpg

Challenge Me - Book Four

Briar Mason joined the Army to find himself after he believed the lies that had gone around about his best friend, Carter, and his sister. He should have known that Carter wouldn't do those things but family was family, right? He'll find out who his real family is when he's injured and sent back to the states.

Not-telling-you-my-first-name Randolph was about to hit ten years in the Army and had some amazing assignments but one had eluded him until now – Ranger School. Coming from being assigned to the Presidential Salute Battery was going to be the best thing for him since training was emphasized. Should be easy, right?

Briar and Randolph met when Briar had stopped to apologize to Carter and Randolph was in full-on protective mode. Can these two find a middle ground while challenging themselves and each other to be better?


Step Up With Me - Book Five

Richard “Tank” Martin was a big boy from the start. Born weighing over 11 pounds, he didn’t stop growing. When he was in middle school, a football coach took him under his wing and finally explained to him the mystery of calories in, calories out and from then on it was all good for him. At least he thought. Being called to meet with his platoon sergeant and told that he was now part of the Army’s overweight program, sent him into a spin that only his crews can help him out of.

Dr. Jack Dillon thought his life was good and finally settled. Part of an active veterinarian practice, volunteering with a service dog organization, spoiling his sister’s triplets and training in sports jiu-jitsu…the only thing missing was a partner. He never thought that his world could be shattered with just a phone call even after being around his military friends.
Tank and Jack have been dancing around each other for months until Tank takes a chance and kisses Jack at their friends’ wedding moving their slow dance into a heated bump and grind. Can these two survive the changes coming their ways together or will all the changes break them apart?


Always With Me - Book Six

Calvin and Camden Luna — why yes, their dad is a big baseball fan— have moved around the world with their parents. Their father has been in the military since before they were born. Proud of their father and uncles and all they’ve done, neither of them is sure the military is for them. Cam is a fantastic baseball player and Cal loves the science of everything. Haven’t they given enough?

Tristan Nolan and Maddy Holt both grew up as military kids too, but neither of their fathers moved them around as much as the twins. Maddy wants to save the planet and capture the heart of Calvin Luna… if he’d only open his eyes. Tris has grown up wanting to follow in the footsteps of those before him. But can he be himself — out and proud —serve and protect his country and end up with the one he’s loved for as long as he can remember?
What can happen when you grow up a military brat with the ties that they have with their fathers’ close friends and their families? Find the love of your life almost from the start? Or find out that maybe you’re all too close for anything else?


Be With Me - Book Seven

Staff Sergeant Rafe Luna thinks he’s got his life in order. Been in the Army for six years, just met some guys that could become good friends and has his sights set on being a command sergeant major. Focused on his career, he’s knocked on his ‘fourth point of contact’ (in Airborne speak) when he tries to order some food at a fair and meets the one that his heart says is meant to “be with him”.

Debbie Hansen has her focus on becoming an RN and that’s all at the moment. She’s had tunnel vision; working for her uncle during summers on the fair circuit selling French fries and lemonade and studying for her degree the rest of the year. There is no time or room in her life for a relationship with a soldier— though the soldier might have something to say about that.

What can happen when two focused individuals meet and feel attraction? Can Rafe adjust his plans to include a wife and family? Can Debbie fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse while being a military spouse and moving every few years?

In this stand-alone prequel to Jacen’s With Me series, she’ll take readers on a journey of love and discovery for Rafe and Debbie Luna, the backbone couple of her series.

This book is currently unavailable as the rights have reverted to me. I'm re-editing and might add a scene or two (that's up for debate right now).

FFM - Cover.jpg

Fight For Me - Book Eight

Sergeant First Class Remington Clemson is praying that his latest assignment in battalion operations is going to be his ticket to the promotion list. He just needs a break after the last deployment and the fallout from the investigation into the rogue platoon. Rem hadn’t been on the ground when they lost their collective mind, but the entire company felt the wrath of the commanders. If he could get the images he saw out of his mind, then maybe he could give up the alcohol.

Noah Mullvaney grew up a military brat watching his father and “uncles” deploy regularly. His mom made every house a home, but he remembers his mother’s stress with his father overseas and all he brought home with him. Losing part of his hearing from a ruptured eardrum made Noah’s life a bit more of a struggle each time they moved. He’s hoping that getting his masters at Gallaudet, will help him move beyond the little boy with hearing problems to someone that can help children like him.

When two men on different paths that are fighting to gain acceptance meet, will their individual fights push them apart or make them stronger…together?

Believe - Cover.jpg

Believe in me - book nine

Trish Peterson had left the touring company and given up her dream of dancing on Broadway to marry. Two years later, a pair of Green Berets showing up at her door brought her world crashing down. Helping a friend gives her something to do but she’s not sure it’s the best thing to help her heal.

Master Sergeant Mike Mullvaney was looking forward to some downtime with his new assignment. Coming home from his last deployment to find that his fiancée had taken just about everything he owned was a major blow. Seeing two of his best friends find the “perfect for them” wives made him wonder if there was even one for him — and if he could open his heart and trust again.

When Trish and Mike meet, sparks fly but neither is willing to open themselves up. When witnessing a tragedy throws them into each other’s arms, can they finally give in and love again?

This book is currently unavailable as the rights have reverted to me. I'm re-editing and might add a scene or two (that's up for debate right now).

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