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Revealing Rod
Book 3 of the Ness Series

From when he was a boy, Joe Talbot knew that there were other creatures out there. He even geared his college degree so he could prove to his parents — and maybe the world — some myths were true.

Rod please-don’t-use-my-full-name Macintosh had to fight his family for them to believe that he didn’t want to leave the lake permanently. Yes, it’s a parent’s job to make their children self-sufficient but why couldn’t he do that where he grew up? Besides, his Ness kept telling Rod to be patient, that their mate would come back to them.

Can love be more important to Joe than revealing myths? Rod hopes so because his Ness won’t have another, and he didn’t think he could live without his Ness.

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Syncing Rhythms

The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022

Coming 11/1/2022

It’s taken years for Dawson’s band, AudioLock, to finally ‘make it’. Okay, maybe they hadn’t made it yet but they were invited to perform on the big stage at Rocktoberfest. Driving the beat of the band warmed his soul but Dawson really wished there was someone to warm his heart and bed.

Ben Williams’ passion for music and theater is all-encompassing but he doesn’t have a talented bone in his body. However, he does have the mind and personality to manage everything that happens when the curtain goes up. His ultimate goal of being a stage manager for a major rock band is in sight. He didn’t think anything could change his focus until a certain drummer appeared on Ben’s stage.

Dreams within reach, are Ben and Dawson willing to change so they can sync rhythms together?
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