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Hello literary friends, Today I'm excited to share with you the cover for book 6 of the With Me series, Always With Me. This is Cam and Cal's story and I can't wait to share it with you on May 24th when it hits the market. I revealed the cover today and am ecstatic to share it with you. Love, Kris

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Here's an excerpt I'd like to share with you from Always With Me:

Cam – age thirteen


He knew in his heart that nothing was going to change when he said the words. He knew but something was choking him. Cam walked into the family room and saw his twin watching Captain America… again.


Throwing himself onto the couch next to Cal, Cam tried to focus on the movie. Take me away Avengers. After a few minutes of him fidgeting, his brother reached over and smacked him.


“Will you stop? What is wrong with you? We’ve got no school for the next week.” Cal didn’t even look away from the TV as he talked. “If you’re not going to stop moving, go get a snack for us.”


Cam blew out a breath before blurting out, “I’m gay.”


There was only a beat, maybe two before Cal responded with, “And?”


“That’s all you’re going to say?” Cam shot back.


“Ahhh, yeah. What did you expect? We’ve got uncles in same-sex relationships. We spend time with them. So again, what?”


“Yeah, but they’re not your twin.”


“Listen doofus, what the fricking heck do you expect me to do? Freak out? So what?”


“Do you think that Dad and Mom will care?” Cam still was waiting for the explosion.


“Why would Dad and Mom care?”


“Care about what?” Their dad’s voice came from the doorway. Cam watched as suddenly Cal moved like his butt was on fire.


“I’m hungry. Can I have a snack?” Cal asked as he ran by their dad.


Cam looked at his father shaking his head at Cal. “So, what are your mother and I going to care about?” His dad came and sat on the couch.


“Papa?” Yeah, they hadn’t used that name for their dad in ages…since they started using it for Papa Andy… but it slipped out of Cam’s mouth and he could see the realization go across his dad’s face.


“It’s okay. Say it,” his dad coached him.


“Papa, I’m gay.” Cam could feel tears filling his eyes, just waiting.


“Camden Jeffrey Luna. I love you. Your mother loves you. Nothing can or will change that. You’ve grown up around the heptad and their relationships but I’m sure there was something that was holding you back. Why?”


“Yeah, they’re your best friends but not your son. It’s different.” Cam sniffed.


“It is different but you’re still you. Did you talk to Mackey or Danny?” Dad asked.


“I just told Cal and then you walked in. I—I didn’t want them to tell you,” he finally got out.


His dad put out his arm and said, “Come here.” Cam scooted over and dropped his head to his dad’s chest. “You will always be my son. You will always be loved and cherished. I just hope that one day you find someone to love you like your uncles have.”


Cam sat there wrapped in his father’s arms for a few minutes. “Thanks, Dad.”


“You’re welcome. Now for the love of peace and quiet this break? Clean your room.”

Here are the updates for my current works in progress which I hope to release in 2019:
Always With Me (With Me #6) - your favorite set of twins will find love (no it's not twincest) - releases 5/24/19
Convincing Camp (tentative title) - this will be a sequel to Loving Loch - tentative release date of summer 2019
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