Okay now, get your minds out of the gutters that they automatically went to with that title. I know it’s hard for some to come back but I wasn’t going there. How much do we actually touch each other in this age of Facebook, Twitter, Google+?

I have been blessed with making some AMAZING friends on this journey and I’d say a good 95% of them I maybe see once a year at a conference. Think about it – look at your feed. How many of those on it do you see in person regularly? We are such a global community of writers, readers, editors/publishers (even though most “hide” on the internet). There is such diversity amongst us.

Whether you realize it or not, you touch so many people that you don’t even realize through what we value sooooooo much – WORDS! Authors – with your written words in “print”; readers with your “need it now” posts on Yahoo groups or Facebook; editors/publishers with your “yes, we’d like your book” or “maybe you should look at changing xxx”.

So what is this blog really about? Remember when you’re happy/sad/annoyed/upset that what you think of as “just venting/celebrating” touches so many people. So take a look at those words before you hit “enter”. Are they professional/polite? Are they attacking? Will some see you as a raving lunatic and ignore you from then on (do you care?)? Because whether or not you realize it – you’re out there on display and what you might take one way other can (and possibly will) take it another…one of the reasons a good beta reader is important (but that’s a blog for another day).

We’re all just passing through, some briefer than others, and you can (and do) bring a smile to someone’s face. Your words will live on and bring joy to some after you’re gone. Miss you my friend.

I guess I’m feeling a bit sentimental this week.