One of my good friends gave me a plaque for Christmas this year. It says “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Meaningful words and ones that mean more to me as each year goes by. Every year so many people make resolutions; I’m going to get up and exercise every day; I’m going to only eat healthy; I’m quitting smoking; I’m going to lose weight; I’m going to… You get the idea. What do these all have in common? Besides all being good goals to achieve? If you don’t 100% commit to them, you won’t achieve anything.

Last blog I talked about procrastination and taking little steps to get to your goal or to move passed your procrastination. I recommended trying to give yourself 25 minute blocks of time each day to write 500 words for 5 days a week. And I said that that if you did this consistently you’d move toward your goal. What if you take that further?

My oldest’s social studies teacher this year had them write out two projects during their first week back from holiday break, they had to: make three realistic resolutions and write a letter to their senior self (they’re in 7th right now) about where they thought they would be in the year 2022 (one year after high school graduation). Know you’re asking yourself, what do these projects have to do with writing and me.

Like this class did, look at what your goals are for the year, be they writing (3 novels), physical (lose that weight), personal (challenge yourself to do something new), financial (debt-free anyone?), or something else. Now that you’ve got that goal in your mind – WRITE IT DOWN and put it somewhere you’ll see it all the time. Studies have shown that once you write something down, it becomes real.

Now break down what you need to do to achieve that goal. Whether it be: write 500 words every day; exercise 30 minutes a day (you know I’m more a proponent of 25 but then, that’s me); eat a salad 5 times a week; walk up the stairs at work; read 1 research book on writing a month; attend 2 conferences in 2016; whatever! Break it down as far as you need for you.

Here’s the really important step. Are you ready? This can be the scary part. Give this to someone to help hold you accountable. Share these steps with someone that won’t listen to your reasons *coughexcusescough* Set up a check in system that works for you and them—PMs on FB, text messages, phone calls, emails, carrier pigeons, as long as it work for you it doesn’t matter. Then stick to it.

I wish you all the luck and success in your goals for 2016. What are mine? Oh, I’m going to finish a sprint triathlon (600m swim, 30k bike ride, 5k run) this year with a few of my besties. Yeah, nothing too taxing LOL