*sung to the tune of the Rolling Stone’s Satisfaction*

I ain’t got no

I ain’t got no


I ain’t got n—


What? Wait? You procrastinate? Really? Honestly? I’m shocked. Okay, maybe I’m not. We all live with procrastination in our daily lives. Whether it’s folding that laundry (and who doesn’t procrastinate that one?) or doing the dishes or answering that email we just don’t want to deal with. BUT coping mechanisms for dealing with your procrastination need to be added to your professional took kit. I’m just like the rest of them and I procrastinate.

Now if you follow me on Facebook you’re probably laughing at that last statement because you’ve seen my posts where I list my to-do and done tasks for a day and it looks quite daunting. What I don’t post — EVER — is my complete list of things that I HAVE to do. My list of umpteen titles that are waiting for me to get to whether it’s for edits, reviewing, pre-formatting, galleying, final formatting, uploading… are you seeing the picture? I’m not even mentioning my lists for the day job, the mama duty, or my training schedule for fitness (can anyone say spring triathlon in 2016?). Yes, it’s kind of ugly sometimes.

There are many ways that you can look at procrastination and overcoming it—at least on a temporary basis. If you’re looking ahead to the New Year and have set yourself a goal, how are you going to hold yourself accountable for that goal? Word sprints? Deadlines to your editor/publisher? Maybe start off with a simple goal to hold yourself accountable to yourself in committing to spending 25 minutes at your computer five days a week writing.

You’re thinking two things right now (probably): 1) Kris has lost her mind in picking that random number of minutes but there’s a method to my madness with that number — it’s the number of minutes I’ve used to lose my 30 pounds (so far) on a regular basis with the exercise program Focus T25. I’ve found that just maybe Shaun T had it right when he chose that number because it’s a pretty easy number to commit to. Try it for a week and see what you can accomplish. 2) I can’t give up 25 minutes. What can I get done in 25 minutes five days a week? Well, let’s do the math: if you can write 500 words in that 25 minutes, 500 times 5 equals 2500. Hmmmm, that’s a pretty decent chapter length, don’t you think? If you did that for a month straight? 2500 time 4 equals 10,000 words. What’s that equal? A short story? Half a short story? A quarter of a novella? The opening to a novel? The possibilities are endless.

So when you’re looking at your goals for 2016, look at the small steps that you can take to achieve the bigger picture and how you can overcome the P word.