Every so often, I’m asked to write a blog about editing.  I’ve done one for how to submit a story…what an editor looks for…What to do this time? How about a pet peeve?


As I watch the genre and see all the new authors coming into light, I sometimes wonder: do new authors (and more experienced ones too, sometimes) not think that editors belong to Yahoo groups or read blogs? Do people not get that editors are not in caves and do read something other than manuscripts?

Yes, my current pet peeve is behavior on the Internet.  Just a few things for authors (and everyone) to consider:

  • Okay, so you don’t agree with what the editor from XYZ publisher had to say about your manuscript – presenting it to a group (or on a blog) just to get someone to agree with you WITHOUT them reading the manuscript? Not a great thing to do.
  • Trashing author ABC’s latest release by saying “What were they thinking? It sucks.” Again, not a smart move.
  • Asking editor JKL for an opinion on a scene (or manuscript) and then arguing with them? Umm, it’s their opinion and you asked them for it. Remember you obviously thought they knew something because you approached them, so why would you argue with them over what you asked for?

So what am I really saying? Acting professionally, whether when dealing directly with an editor or when posting something on a group/blog, should be the way to go. Yes, editors (and publishers) do talk amongst themselves. Take note of how you present yourself to others and remember, editors do the best they can but we’re not infallible.