This is a collection of different blogs that I’ve written in the past. They cover subjects like ‘conferences’ and ‘beta readers’. They’ve appeared on different review sites as well as over at

And Your Name is…?                              Be Unique                             Class Time – Blurbs

It’s Con Season                                       Editor + Author                     I’m feeling hot

Feelings                                                    It’s Never Easy                       It’s Stormin’

Love at First Sight                                  More Pretties                         Oooh…it’s so pretty

Sing-a-long Time                                  Starting Anew                       Submit to Me

Thought you liked me                          ‘Tis the Season                      Touching People

Tsss…feel the burn                                 What an editor                      To swag or not

Write what you know                           Pet Peeve                                 Do I need a beta

The In Between                                     Turn an editor on                    What to strive for

Why editors are good for you           What do you mean…

***NEW The Good…The Bad…